This Alexander Ring Fixtures is designed by renown stone setter Alexander Sidorov, this holder is the product of many years experience in applying and teaching stone-setting techniques.

GRS part number #003-782

The GRS Alexander ring fixtures mounts directly onto GRS MicroBlock (TOOLSGRSBV) and the GRS MicroBlock XL (TOOLSGRXL5) which are not included in this set. This fixture features a pair of bell-shaped jaw attachments designed to enhance the function of the vertical and horizontal drawbars, there are two different sizes of the horizontal included in this kit, so it can accomodate rings of any width. The vertical ring holder has a spherical base that permits multi-axis movements for optimal access to the desired work surface.

The GRS Alexander ring fixture includes-

  • 2 bell-shaped jaw attachments,
  • 6 button-head screw caps,
  • 1 wrench,
  • 1 short horizontal drawbar,
  • 1 long horizontal drawbar,
  • 1 vertical drawbar,
  • 2 plastic standard cones,
  • 2 plastic locking standard cone,
  • 1 steel standard cone,
  • 1 double-sided cone,
  • 1 cone cover,
  • 1 countersunk screw,
  • 20 expanding mandrels,
  • 1 aluminum storage tray
Weight 0.500000 kg.
Image info Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product
Brand GRS®
Tool Type BenchMate
Reference 003-782
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