10 reasons to buy wedding rings from Betts Metal Sales

10 Reasons to Buy Wedding Rings

At Betts Metal Sales, we stock an extensive range of high-quality British made rings covering plain, shaped, diamond set and patterned rings in a variety of precious metals. 

Our range of wedding rings is unrivalled in the UK – read on to find out 10 reasons why you can find the very best wedding and engagement rings at Betts Metal Sales…


10 Reasons to Buy Wedding Rings



1. Single Mine Origin Gold – A Responsible Choice

Firstly, we are proud that all our gold wedding rings are now made from Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold.

A purchase of SMO gold is fully traceable – each ring comes with a batch code and a QR code, giving you and your customers a direct link to its source. SMO certification provides an auditable chain of custody, so that you can be sure your gold has been produced within strict parameters of corporate, social, and environmental responsibility.

Only a tiny percentage of precious metal utilised in the jewellery or investment sectors comes from a known source. Having the reassurance of detailed provenance always attracts a substantial price premium - the Betts Group are also the only Fairtrade and Fairmined accredited refinery in the UK. 

Browse SMO gold engagement rings from Betts Metal Sales.


2. Manufactured in the UK


Our rings are manufactured in the UK, and we oversee all stages of the manufacturing process. This means that we can offer one of the largest stocked ranges in the country. We also have unique vertically integrated access to the Yanfolila mine in Mali, where our SMO gold is sourced from. 


Find out more about our refining process


3. Next Day Delivery on Ring Blanks and Plain Bands


Because we hold one of the largest stocked ranges of wedding bands in the UK, customers can order the most popular sizes and shapes of wedding band from stock for delivery the next day. These can be supplied as ring blanks or finished to your requirements. All special lines outside the core range are manufactured within 10-15 working days.



Ring blanks and plain bands



4. High Quality Engineering 


At Betts, we use state-of-the-art tube casting and CNC lathes to produce our high-quality wedding rings. Made in our refinery in Buxton, we combine the very best technology with our precious metal expertise for excellent results. Our two-tone wedding rings are a mixed metal range based on our plain wedding band profiles. These are engineered perfectly to bring two different coloured metals together, making this product really stand out. We also craft exceptional quality fancy bands, which are attractive combinations of precious metals machined to an exacting standard.


Browse through our range of two-tone rings, or look at our fancy wedding rings.


5. Precious Metal Expertise


The Betts Group was founded in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter by Alexander Betts at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in 1760. Now with its ninth consecutive generation managing the business, the Betts family has been directly associated with the recovery of precious metals and the manufacture of products for the jewellery industry for over a quarter of a millennium. We are the longest-established refinery in the UK.



6. New Catalogue – Available in Paper or Online


Our brand-new catalogue offers a comprehensive overview of The Betts Group’s extensive range of high-quality rings. It is available in two helpful formats - paper and online, so however you would prefer to browse, the choice is yours. 


You can view the online catalogue, or request a copy of the paper catalogue.


7. Easy to Find What You are Looking for


As wedding ring suppliers, we want to make the selection and purchasing process as smooth as possible for our customers. You can now log in to our website for immediate and accurate pricing on all our rings in line with the day’s fix.


8. Special and Bespoke Rings for a Truly Personal Touch


We are also able to create unique, exceptional quality wedding and engagement rings to meet your requirements. With our state-of-the-art laser engraving technology, we can now create beautiful, precise engraving on the inside, outside, and the side of bands. The message can be anything: a personal message, nickname, pet names, initials, full names, dates, Roman numerals, special words with meaning – song lyrics, poetry, or a religious text.


Whether you are seeking engraved words or even a scanned image or fingerprint, we will be happy to help. We also offer other patterned wedding rings, shaped wedding bands, and diamond set rings.



9. A Complete Service Proposition to the Jewellery Trade


The Betts Group is a diversified precious metals business - we offer a wide range of services to jewellers. As well as our extensive wedding ring offering, we also stock bullion, findings, tools, and sundries. This allows us to offer our customers the flexibility of using metal accounts to take product back in return for all forms of refining. 


We are also running a refining offer throughout June.



10. Customer Service and Heritage in the Trade


Whilst our business today may be unrecognisably different from when it was founded, some things never change. Throughout our 260 years in the precious metals business, our core principles have been to provide ‘quality’ and ‘service’ – two words that are easily used but rarely fulfilled. These are the founding principles of all The Betts Group businesses today.

If you would like to hear more about our wedding ring range or how we can support you more broadly, you can contact our team on 0121 233 2413 or by emailing [email protected]



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