No processing charges on refining services until February 2021

We’re able to recover precious metals from almost any source in-house – from clean hallmarked scrap and lemels, right through to large, low-grade sweeps and hand wash tanks.

We can even recover the metal from old carpets, workbenches and filters in workshops – perfect for getting your workshop organised and tidy, whilst also making some extra money. 

Until the end of February 2021, we will be returning 98% of the gold content and 90% of other precious metals, with no other refining charges at all.

Use your refining to credit your account for an even better deal

If you use the gold from your refining to credit your Betts Metal Sales account before the end of February 2021, we will credit 100% of the value to your account for use against our products!*

*This offer applies when metal is used against the purchase of products from Betts Metal Sales. If you withdraw this money from your account at a later date rather than using it to purchase our products, refining charges will be applied retrospectively.