Busch Long Cone Burr



The Busch Cone Burr has a 6° taper and is measured from the widest point on the burr. This burr is manufactured from a high quality tool steel to provide a precision cut and long working life. As with all burrs and cutting tools, we recommend the use of a light lubricating oil or silicone lubricant to prevent overheating and maintain sharpness of the burr. Busch Cone Burr are made from high quality tool steel and supplied mounted on a 2.35mm shank that fits most pendant drills and micromotors.

Order Busch Long Cone - Tapered Cylinder Burr /Fraizer from Betts Metal Sales. Jewellery Making Supplies, Bullion and Tools

Brand Busch
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Burr Shape Cone
Burr Type Steel Burr
Tool Type Burr
Encore category T1
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