Casting Grain

High quality casting grain made in the UK. With over 250 years of experience in alloy development, we offer a broad range of technically superior alloys and can even develop bespoke alloys on request. Our casting grain is of exceptionally high quality and consistency.

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Betts Metal Sales casting grain is available in standard silver, fine silver, 9ct yellow gold, 9ct white gold, 9ct rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, 18ct white gold with hight palladium, 18ct rose gold, platinum, palladium and fine gold. Our grain offers exceptionally high quality and consistency. Contact us and ask to speak to our technical experts if there are specific requirements you need from your gold and silver casting grain. We are experts at developing special alloys to suit your needs. Fairtrade, Fairmined or Single Mine Origin gold? We can also produce gold grain from any of these sources.


9ct Yellow Gold Contains silicon to assist flow. Melting range of 880 - 900°c with a casting range of 980 - 1100°c.

9ct Rose Gold Melting range 900 - 970°c. Casting range 1020 - 1100°c.

9ct White Gold Melting range 910 - 940°c. Casting range 1000 - 1150°c.

14ct White Gold Melting range 980 - 1030°c. Casting range 1130 - 1180°c.

Fine Gold Melting range 1063°c. Casting range 1100 - 1150°c.

18ct Yellow Gold Melting range 905 - 960°c. Casting range 1010 - 1110°c.

18ct White Gold Melting range 1100 - 1170°c. Casting range 1250 - 1370°c.

18ct White Gold High Palladium Melting range 1100 - 1170°c. Casting range 1250 - 1370°c.

Fine Silver Melting range 961°c. Casting range 1030 - 1100°c.

Standard Silver High fluid when molten. Melting range 805 - 890°c. Casting range 960 - 1040°c.

Platinum Melting range 1750 - 1765°c. Casting range 1868 - 1915°c.

Palladium 950 Melting range 1340 - 1400°c. Casting range 1550°c.

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