University Starter Kit


University Starter Kit University Starter Kit

University Starter Kit The University Starter Kit contains the tools to get you started on your Jewellery and Metalwork University course. The kit contains the following: TOOLSAVCMP Bench peg with Anvil & Clamp - Clamps to any work surface up to 40mm thickness TOOLSFD002 Wooden File Handle 100mm x 2 TOOLSFN644 Set of 12 Needle Files TOOLSFSE18 Budget Half Round Ring File Cut 2 150mm TOOLSWAHRF Swiss Hand Flat File Cut 2 150mm TOOLSCL026 75mm Dividers TOOLSMT007 Scriber 114mm - Used to mark lines on metal work pieces TOOLSMT010 Centre Punch TOOLSMT023 100mm steel square TOOLSMT035 Steel Ruler 300mm TOOLSCL030 Digital Vernier Gauge TOOLSSP122 Pliers set TOOLSRC004 Ring Clamp TOOLSPARPL 140mm Maun Parallel Pliers TOOLSSA35B Brush for use with borax TOOLSBDISH Ceramic Borax dish - Use with a borax cone and water to create a smooth paste to use as a flux for soldering BORAXCONES Borax Cone TOOLSPMBLK Torch Block 12.5cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm - Long lasting and perfect for applying heat when soldering TOOLSPMTSI Hand Torch - To heat/solder small items (Maximum Temperature 1300c, Adjustable Flame, Instant Ignition) TOOLSSS010 Straight Shears 175mm - Use to cut, solder fine wire and sheet TOOLSSW006 Jaguar Saw blades 2/0 x 2 bundles of 12 TOOLSSWE42 Economy Fixed Saw Frame 80mm TOOLSTWE03 Tweezers TOOLSTW007/TW008 Straight/Bent Insulated Crossover Tweezers - Support pieces when soldering TOOLSHM008 Ball Pein Hammer TOOLSML002 Hide Mallet TOOLSSTMC4 Toolbox

Weight 1.000000 kg.
Brand Consumable
Tool Type Tool Kit
Tool Accessories Tool Set
Hazard info This item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials and Liquids Only
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