This Elma Ultrasonic is a heated with a ultrasonic frequency of 37 kHz. This ultrasonic has degas, sweep and auto-start features which makes this ultrasonic extremely versatile.

Elma Ultrasonic S30H features are -

Degas function is a high intensity ultrasonic pulses are produced. In between these pulses the gasses coalesce into bubbles which float to the top to pop. This function is designed to used after a change of in chemicals to produce maximinium cleaning effectiveness from the start of the cleaning cycle.

Sweep function works from one side of the tank to the other, this is designed to lift and move any particles on the work rather that the constant burst of the ultrasonic function.

This Elma Ultrasonic has a drain for the ease of empting.

The temperature control is from 30° to 80°C.

This Ultrasonic has a preselection of cleaning time from 1 to 30 minutes or can be set to continous opperation.

  • Volume - 2.75ltr
  • Heating Capacity - 200 W
  • Ultrasonic Measurements - 301 x 189 x 218 mm
  • Bath Measurements - 222 x 122 x 99 mm
  • Weight - 3.3kg

This Elma Ultrasonic has a 2 year warranty.

Weight 3.300000 kg.
Tool Type Ultrasonic
Tool Unit Cleaning Unit
Hazard info This item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials and Liquids Only
Image info Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product
Reference 100 1955
Brand Elma
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