Eveflex Arrow Rubber

Eveflex Arrow Rubber


Eveflex Rubber burr

Eveflex Arrow Rubber EveFlex Mounted Polishers. The EveFlex range are harder wearing that our standard Eve Polishers and are better shaper to reach difficult areas. Use in conjunction with a pendant motor. Eveflex Arrow polishers are perfect for polishing in small, hard to reach areas. Flame Polisher mounted on a 2.34mm steel shank. Measures approximately: 3mm x 7.5mm. Green Extra Fine - For high lustre polish Brown Fine - Smoothing Grey Medium - Removal of metal and shaping Blue Coarse - Coarse polish

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Brand EVE
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Burr Shape Arrow
Burr Type Rubber Burr
Tool Type Polisher
Encore category T1
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