GRS Jura QC advanced set with Microblock®

The most complete GRS Jura set. This Jura QC Advanced Set is designed for work holding almost any job. This system saves the jeweller from frustration trying to hold work when setting and engraving.

GRS part number #500-517


Introducing the GRS JURA QC ADVANCED SET WITH MICROBLOCK® - a revolutionary micro block set meticulously crafted for precision in jewellery work. Betts Metals Tools & Technology proudly presents this comprehensive microblock set, designed to elevate your craftsmanship to new heights.

The GRS JURA QC ADVANCED SET WITH MICROBLOCK® stands out as the most complete and indispensable micro block set available in the market today. Crafted specifically for jewellery work holding, this advanced jewellery holding set is a game-changer for a wide range of tasks, including jewellery repair, engraving, and manufacturing.

Unlock unparalleled control and efficiency with this innovative Jura QC Advanced Set. Say goodbye to the challenges of holding your work with just one hand or using hand tools. This system empowers jewellers to work with both hands while maintaining full control of the piece on the bench. Its 360-degree horizontal axis rotation, along with adjustable positioning, provides the flexibility to work from any angle.

Whether you're setting stones, hand engraving, or using a pneumatic engraver, the GRS JURA QC ADVANCED SET WITH MICROBLOCK® emerges as the ultimate bench tool. It simplifies intricate tasks and streamlines your workflow, making it an essential investment for every jeweller.


GRS Jura QC advanced set with Microblock® key features: 

  • Complete Work Holding System: The Advanced Set boasts 39 accessories, facilitating measuring, scribing, marking, and holding work steadily.
  • Versatile Accessories: Beyond work holding solutions, the set includes essential jewellery and bench accessories, such as hand chucks, digital divider vernier callipers, ceramic scribe, tweezers, and carbide pick.


GRS Jura QC advanced set includes:

    • GRS MicroBlock™
    • Jura Master Jaws
    • 5.00mm Hex Key
    • Organisers
    • QC Horizontal Inside Ring Holder
    • QC Vertical Inside Ring Holder
    • 10 Plastic Collets
    • Flat Clamps with grooves
    • Outside Ring Holder
    • 6.00mm Cylinder Top with grooves
    • 10.00mm Cylinder Top
    • 20.00mm Round Top
    • 20.00mm Straight Top
    • 40.00mm Straight Top
    • Engravers Clamp with 2.35mm holes
    • Thermo-Loc™ Engravers Clamp
    • Shellac Plate
    • Thermo-Loc™ Cylinder
    • Shellac Cylinder
    • Tapered Point Holder
    • Tapered Ball Holders – for general jewellery work holding.
    • 10 Hand Chucks – perfect for holding pushers and gravers.
    • Digital Dividers / vernier callipers – for accurate measuring
    • Ceramic Scribe – for precise marking on metal
    • Tweezers – for handling small parts
    • Carbide Pick – for stone removal from loose settings


Elevate your jewellery-making experience with the GRS JURA QC ADVANCED SET WITH MICROBLOCK® - the epitome of precision and versatility in micro block sets. Invest in excellence for your craft today.

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Weight4.545900 kg
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Tool TypeGRS Jura



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Bust79.5cm / 31"82cm / 32"84.5cm / 33"89.5cm / 35"94.5cm / 37"99.5cm / 39"
Waist61.5cm / 24"64cm / 25"66.5cm / 26"71.5cm / 28"76.5cm / 30"81.5cm / 32"
Hip86.5cm / 34"89cm / 35"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"101.5cm / 40"106.5cm / 42"


Neck37cm / 14.5"38cm /15"39.5cm / 15.5"41cm / 16"42cm / 16.5"43cm / 17"
Chest86.5cm / 34"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"101.5cm / 40"106.5cm / 42"111.5cm / 44"
Waist71.5cm / 28"76.5cm / 30"81.5cm / 32"86.5cm / 34"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"
Seat90cm / 35.4"95cm / 37.4"100cm / 39.4"105cm / 41.3"110cm / 43.3"115cm / 45.3"
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