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Betts Metals Jewellery Tools and Technology Department proudly showcases our comprehensive selection of Jewellery Pliers, carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of jewellers. From addressing wire bending challenges to achieving precision in your craft, our collection offers the perfect solution. Explore our range of half round Pliers tailored for ring making and intricate metal bending tasks, alongside our precision-engineered Parallel Pliers designed to ensure immaculate results in your jewellery work. Craft beautiful wire loops and intricate wraps with our round nose Jewellery pliers, or effortlessly handle small findings with our snipe nose Jewellery pliers. For crisp bends and meticulous detail work, rely on our flat nose Jewellers pliers. Whether shaping rings or fashioning delicate earring hooks, our half round parallel pliers deliver unparalleled performance. Let our Jewellery Pliers category be your guide as you explore our offerings at your leisure. For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out - order with confidence and elevate your jewellery making experience with Betts Metals.
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