Lampert PUK 5.1 with the Articulated Arm Kit masters the process of welding. The PUK 5.1 precision welding equiment is great for a whole host of jewellery and silversmith applications. Structures made from sheet or wire elements can be done as tack welds and repairs to jewellery, this welder can work on the small repairs to volume production. The PUK 5.1 can restore missing parts, filling in porosity by applying welding wire and many more applications.

This PUK welder can metal from less than the thickness of 0.2mm and upwards, it is effortless process producing strong and robust welds. 

Betts Metal Sales is the UK distributor only – for international orders, please contact your relevant country supplier.

The Lampert PUK 5.1 welders uses are for spot welds between 0.3 and 3.0 millimeters on material even thinner than 0.2 millimeters, welding deep crevices and other hard-to-reach areas. Tack welding mode eliminates the need for wiring before beginning a welding project. For Repairs, to fill pores, to create structures from precious metals, alloys, and non-ferrous metal wire and sheet elements.

PUK 5.1 Articulated Arm and Microscope features:

  • Rotary and pivot action in every direction, this makes work ergonomic. This is easily screwed in to the workbench.
  • The Articulated arm offers flexibility at the workbench when welding very large objects, this maximises the space availble.
  • This arm is simple to use and adjust the arm using the rotary knob.
  • The PUK welding micrrscopes use certified LCD welder's eye protection, this has been specifically developed for Lampert.
  • The safety features of the microscope have been developed and are a great development from the simple machanical protection system. The field of view is not completely darkened during welding, this results in less eye fatigue. As well as this the Lampert system permanently protects your eyes from dangerous radiation (UV and IR) during welding. This is still the cas if the event of malfuction, the welders eyes are still protected.
  • LED-Lighting is intergrated in the housing of the eye protection system.
  • The microscope have a fixed 10x magnification with 200mm diameter field of view.
  • The working distance of 145mm and the range is 550mm.

PUK 5.1 Articulated Arm Kit + Regulator & Tack Kit Features:

  • High-quality microscope optics with 10-fold magnification and individual setting establishes the prerequisites for precise work.
  • The hydraulic articulated arm can be rotated and swivelled in all directions and then remains in the desired position, creating a particularly ergonomic working environment even for large and bulky objects.
  • Stable bench stand for simple bench mounting. Individually adjustable head support for fatigue-free and ergonomic working.
  • Intuitive controls which can be operated while focusing on a piece. Settings can be fine-tuned with one hand via the rotary controller and foot pedal. This means that you don't need to look away while in the middle of a weld.
  • Intelligent pre-settings which simplify the setup process: Simply select your metal group and weld situation on the PUK 5.1's LED touch screen.
  • Pre-selection of two different welding cycles
  • The smoothing function improves the flow properties of certain metals
  • Passive cooling system, completely closed housing that prevents damage from accumulated dust 
  • Free programming software pre-loaded on controller
  • USB connectivity
  • Premium welding microscope with DIN CERTCO-approved automatic eye-protection filter and integrated LED illumination for four adjustable levels of brightness. Bright PUK eye protection system with integrated LED lighting and four adjustable brightness levels supports the optimum illumination of the working area.
  • Lampert's 0.5 mm, 0.6 mm, and 0.8 mm pre-sharpened electrodes; 
  • High-sensitivity LAMPERT Flowmeter argon regulator for superbly accurate readings and better welds;
  • Handpiece with holder, diamond grinding wheel, 0.8 mm collet, contact clamp,
  • Cleaning pen,
  • T-connector, 
  • Three meter gas hose

Lampert PUK5.1 Welder with Microscope Articulated Arm Kit includes -

The PUK® 5.1 Control Box
SM5.1 Microscope
PUK® Argon Gas Flow Regulator
Precision Handpiece
3m Gas Hose
Power Cord
Alligator Clip
Fiberglass Brass Brush
Diamond Grinding Wheel

Also available desk top unit – TOOLSLZ551

Betts Metals are the official UK supplier of Lampert’s Jewellery welding equipment, accessories and service. The PUK 5.1 has 3 year warranty on the unit, handpiece and the mircoscope.

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