GRS GlenSteel Round Blank Graver, 2.35mm


GRS GlenSteel Round Graver, 2.35 x 50.8mm. Glensteel is a special high-speed tool steel for metal engraving stone-setting and other demanding work.

GRS part number #022-586

GlenSteel is a special high-speed steel (HSS) that is made by GRS. It features outstanding toughness to be resitant to chipping and breaking even with a slender, fine geometry. GlenSteel wears predictable, this helps to elimate tool failures that might damage work. 

This GlenSteel blank is used with GRS Quick Change Tool Holders TOOLSGR532 for a pack of 10.

Weight 0.100000 kg.
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Brand GRS®
Tool Type Graver
Reference 022-586
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