Terms & Conditions


1. Discounts are available only for advertised, selected items.

2. The discounts apply only to orders placed online and the discount code must be applied at checkout.

3. Any offer must not be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, including but not limited to bulk discounts and special prices bands.

4. We, the Betts Group, reserve the right to decline orders where in its opinion, a discount code is invalid for the order placed.

5. Free delivery offer is not available for casting grain or pieces.



Placing your order

1. When you place a web order with us, you are offering to buy the goods you order. There is no commitment on us to supply these goods, at that price, or at all, until we decide to accept your order.

2. Goods are subject to availability*. We will tell you if we cannot complete your order (or part of it) from stock within a reasonable time.

3. Suppose we become aware, after you have placed an order, and before we deliver it, that the price or description is not right. We will then contact you to tell you. You then have a choice. You can continue with the order (with the revised price or description). Or, if you prefer, you can cancel the order (in whole or part. We will assume you wish to cancel the relevant part of the order if we do not hear otherwise from you within 7 working days.




1. All delivery times quoted are estimates only and we cannot guarantee delivery at any particular time or date (unless you have specified an actual delivery service).

2. We have to deliver to the cardholder at the address registered for the payment card. We cannot deliver to any other address and we cannot deliver to any third party. This helps protect you against fraud.

3. Free delivery offer is not available for castig grain pieces. 



1. If the order is cancelled (for any reason) after the order has been prepared you are then to pay us 10% restocking fee charge.

2. We may suspend or cancel the order, by written notice if: 1. you fail to pay us any money when due

3. Consumers: You may not cancel the order if any goods are made to your specification or where the price is subject to fluctuations on the financial market (by virtue of regulation 13 of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000)



Returns & Refunds

Please return any products to:

Betts Metals Sales 49-63 Spencer street



B18 6DE

The goods must be sent with the return form, DOWNLOAD FORM

• Returned goods will be credited if returned in their original condition, and agreed with us before sending.

• Some of special items, bespoke, finished rings, wedding rings not held in stock and especially being manufactured or cut bullion are not accepted for return.

• Goods accepted for return will be credited at the price on the date of invoice

• If you request a refund, this will be normally processed within 3-5 working days when the goods are returned with the return form and the invoice.

Please note, if the return form is not sent back with the goods, the process of refund/replacement will be longer or we will send you back the goods without processing the return.

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