VIVACOLOUR Superlight Kit

VIVA COLOUR SUPERLIGHT KIT VIVACOLOR is a colourful high-tech acrylic material for professional designs that will awake your fantasy and creativity; futuristic design, fashion jewellery, new designs and restorations. Transform your jewellery pieces into colourful designs. Decreasing, electroplating or cleaning, VIVACOLOR resists all these processes without exception and it is an absolutely emission-free material. The acrylic colour can be burned out to remove in fire or in the oven at medium heat without damaging the alloy surface and you can start creating again! Process: Turn on the heating and glass mixing plate and adjust temperature to 30-40 degrees. To the surface of the jewellery: Apply the Link application with pen to prepare the surface and remove any grease. Apply bond application with brushes supplied. Use the curing light to harden the bond for 30-40 seconds. Choose colour and mix thoroughly with spatula. Put required amount onto the mixing plate. Apply colour to the surface with spatula applying evenly. Cure each layer for 30-40 seconds. Continue applying layers to reach desired result. Apply thin or thick layers to reach desired thickness. Put any unused colour back into the pot using the spatula. Colours supplied in the Superlight Kit: Pure Transparent Pure White Pure Black Pure Blue Pure Red Pure Green Pure Yellow Pure Orange
Weight 5000 gr.
Brand N/A
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