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Wheatsheaf Finger Sizes A1/2 - Z1/2 + 6


Wheatsheaf Finger Sizes A1/2 - Z1/2 + 6 WHEATSHEAF SIZES A1/2-Z1/Z+6

WHEATSHEAF SIZES A1/2-Z1/Z+6 This sturdy set of finger sizers is made to the UK Wheatsheaf standard giving accuracy when used alongside Wheatsheaf size sticks. With 58 individual rings, it covers the full range of UK finger sizes including half sizes from A - Z, in addition, Z to Z +6 are in full sizes only - each ring is approximately 3mm wide and is suitable for the majority of ring styles and narrow wedding rings.

Weight 0.3000 gm.
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Brand Wheatsheaf
Reference FS11
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