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Fairtrade Gold and Silver

Fairtrade is an independent and ethical approach to ensuring gold and silver are responsibly mined, that tackles issues like child labour and dangerous working conditions head on. Buying Fairtrade certified gold means that artisanal and small scale miners are getting a fair deal.

This rise in ethical consumption and choosing gold from responsible sources, shows no signs of abating. 

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic and climate change have placed more pressure on low-income farmers and workers in some of the world’s poorest countries. All of which has led to a boom in global consciousness and in consumer demand for Fairtrade certified gold products. 

And whilst sustainable grocery shopping has moved from being a niche market into an area of big spend, we are increasingly asking questions about where our gold and silver comes from too. 

A Stand for Gold

Gold mining is one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. 

An estimated 100 million people worldwide rely on small scale mining to support their families and communities and 90% are estimated to be artisanal and small-scale miners.

Fairtrade certification is an independent and ethical approach to ensuring gold and silver are responsibly mined, that tackles issues such as child labour and dangerous working conditions head on. 

Buying Fairtrade gold and silver means that jewellers and consumers can also be sure that artisanal and small-scale miners are getting a fair deal. Fairtrade standards ensure that there is a minimum price for precious metal, providing miners with financial security and improved working conditions. 

Is there a Fairtrade premium when purchasing gold and silver produced in this way? 

Put simply, yes, but the costs are far outweighed by the ethical benefits. The extra money accrued is used to invest in building the future of workers’ families and communities, through education, clean water and healthcare initiatives. 

To find out more about Fairtrade Gold visit www.fairgold.org   


A Full Range of Fairtrade Gold and Silver Products 

Betts Group is FLOCERT accredited to process Fairtrade gold. FLOCERT is an independent body that ensures producers and traders comply with the FLO International Fairtrade Standards. 

Only Fairtrade certified items can be Fairtrade stamped. They include Fairtrade gold jewellery, ingots, coins, trophies and medals.  

Betts Metals is also the only UK refinery to have been audited and accredited to process Fairtrade gold and silver. Our Fairtrade number is: 26139

We produce a wide selection of Fairtrade gold round and shaped wires, including most alloys and sizes, and we can also draw down stocked product or manufacture other products on request.


Our range includes a wide selection of Fairtrade gold sheet and gold grain. 

Fairtrade gold wires

  • Dshape wires
  • Court/oval wires
  • Round wire up to 8mm
  • Square wire up to 6mm with a sharp edge
  • Square wire up to 8mm rough rolled


Fairtrade gold sheet:

  • 9ct gold sheet
  • 14ct gold sheet
  • 18ct gold sheet
  • 22ct gold sheet


Our Fairtrade gold grain is available in:

  • 9ct gold grain
  • 14ct gold grain
  • 18ct gold grain
  • 22ct gold grain
  • 24ct gold grain
  • Fine gold grain

An Unrivalled Knowledge of Precious Metals

Betts Group is the oldest surviving precious metal refining and dealing business in the UK. 

Although we have evolved into a much more diverse business with interests in investments and waste management, our core ethos of integrity and quality of service, and our focus on precious metal expertise remain the cornerstones of our brand. 

The knowledge and skill we have developed over 260 years is unrivalled and we are continually exploring innovative and pioneering approaches to enhance our proposition to our customers.

We specialise in a range of sustainable options, including Fair Mined, Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold and recycled precious metals. Our team is on hand to guide you through, making your considered jewellery choices that bit easier.

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