Recycled Precious Metals 


Demand for gold remains high, yet only around 60% of gold used annually comes from newly mined sources and that number is unlikely to rise. 

Indeed, it’s estimated that for every gram of gold on our planet, there are around 60 grams of silver and in the region of 400,000 grams of diamonds. 

One solution is recycled materials, including old jewellery that has been melted down. 

We’ve been specialising in the smelting and refining of precious metals since 1760. We combine a quarter of a millennium of experience with modern, technically advanced processes, to provide you with a complete service.


Highest Possible Recovery

Precious metals are all around us, we own, touch, and use them every day.

They are used in a wide range of applications in low concentrations and often in a substance mix such as alloys or in compounds like oxides.

We know from experience that precious metals can also be recovered from several different sources and processes, and many can be recycled over and over again without degrading their properties.

As a business, we pride ourselves on being able to recover precious metals from almost any source in-house. We recover precious metals from all types of waste; particularly that generated by the jewellery, ceramic, photographic, industrial and dental professions, although our experience also covers many other industries too. 

Our factories contain the latest in recovery equipment, which makes it possible to smelt and refine lower grade wastes containing precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

From chemical treatment of clean or stone set scrap at our refinery in Buxton to recovering precious metals from low grade industrial wastes at our facility in Kidderminster, we have the expertise to treat almost anything with precious metal content. 

Whatever the source, our highly trained team processes the tools to ensure the highest possible recovery of precious metals.


Fair Mined and Fairtrade Certified Refinery

Betts Group boasts the only refinery in the UK that is Fair Mined certified and FLOCERT-accredited to produce Fairtrade gold and silver.

Our experience in auditing small batch segregated refining also makes us the only UK refinery to offer Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold.

We possess the in-house capabilities to refine to 9999 purity. All recovered materials are sampled and assayed independently to ensure a transparent process, and we’ll even keep you informed of the value in line with London market prices.

We have a wealth of knowledge in extractive techniques, which enables us to offer diamond and gemstone recovery from scrap; a technique which very few companies in the UK are able to offer. 


Our areas of expertise includes:

  • Clean scrap
  • Stone recovery
  • Sweeps and lemels
  • Workshop
  • Solutions
  • Ceramics and transfers
  • Plated materials
  • Brazing alloys
  • Ethical refining
  • Doré bars
  • Dental
  • Film


What do we do with the materials we recycle? Once we have recovered precious metals through our refining operations, we provide a comprehensive range of bullion and investment products back to the market thanks to our unparalleled in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Our investment arm, Betts Investments, offers a range of products for the precious metal investor. They include gold investment bars and bullion coins such as Kruggerands, Maples, Britannias and Sovereigns, as well as a range of Fair Trade and Single Mine Origin ethically sourced investment products.

Helping You to Make Considered Choices

Provenance is important to us. It’s also increasingly significant to buyers and investors of gold and silver, who value the assurance that they are not only buying an exceptional precious metal but also making a substantial contribution to the producing mining communities.

Whether the precious metals we sell are being purchased for gold jewellery or as an investment, you need to be confident that the metal has been ethically sourced.

The knowledge and skill we have developed over 260 years is unrivalled. Let us guide you through the sustainable options available to you, including Fairtrade, Fair Mined and Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold.

To send us your enquiries, email [email protected] or call us on 0121 233 2413


To find out more see www.singlemineorigin.com and www.bettsinvestments.co.uk 


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