Single Mine Origin Gold

single mine origin gold


Single Mine Origin gold (SMO) is gold that has come from a single, responsibly run gold mine. A chain of custody is assured all along the supply route from mine to finished product, this chain of custody for every gram of gold is documented and audited.


The mines that SMO Gold originates from have to meet strict ethical, environmental and health and safety standards.


SMO gold is NOT sold at a premium, Betts Metal Sales aims to give jewellers and consumers a more responsible option without having to pay a premium.


SMO gold means that it is guaranteed conflict free, meets international standards of best practice and protection for all workers, ensures there is minimal environmental impact and ensures that the local communities benefit from a mine by establishing employment opportunities, health projects sanitation projects and other community benefits.


Betts Metal Sales are proud to be able to offer the majority of their range from wedding rings, to precious metal sheet, wire, grain and investment products in SMO Gold.

Your product can be assayed with the SMO mark.

If you would you like to purchase a ring using SMO gold, or if you would like to purchase grain, sheet or wire, email [email protected] or call us on 0121 233 2413 for all products including investment products.


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