Responsibly Sourced Precious Metals


Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their jewellery purchases and the provenance of the products available to them. 

Buying habits are one of the key factors driving positive change in the precious metals industry but with such change comes choice and there are many factors for jewellers, jewellery brands, investors and consumers to consider.  

What is the price of gold? Will I have to pay a Fairtrade premium? What ethically sourced options are available to me? What do they mean for local communities and the environment? 

Sourcing sustainable metal isn’t always straightforward. That’s where our team of precious metals experts comes in.  



Manufactured Responsibly

Betts Group uses responsibly sourced gold in all of our manufactured gold products. It’s part of our industry-leading commitment to supply responsibly mined gold to investors and the jewellery trade, including artisan jewellers and renowned names such as Boodles, Sheila Fleet and G. Collins & Sons. 

Our complete service proposition includes refining services and a wide range of products and sundries such as grain, sheet, wire, bullion, wedding bands and engagement rings, jewelers’ tools and bespoke investment products.

Our business specialises in a range of sustainable options, which also includes Fair MinedFair Trade and recycled precious metals

Talk to our experienced and knowledgeable team for more information.


If you would you like to purchase a ring using SMO gold, or if you would like to purchase grain, sheet or wire, email [email protected] or call us on 0121 233 2413 for all products including investment products.


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