This Busch set features a mixture of 12 high quality carbide steel bits that are durable, powerful, and perfect for precision setting. The tools provide an accurete cutting power on a range of hard materials such as platinum, titanium, and white gold.

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This Pave Setting Kit from Busch provides the setter with a range of drills to aid Pave and Microsetting. Made from durable Carbide, these drills are ideal for all precious metals including Platinum, Titanium and Stainless Steel, giving a clean bright cut and enabling the setter to drill pilot holes, open up stone seatings and separate claws ready for setting and graining. As with all Burs and cutting tools, we recommend the use of a light lubricating oil or Silicone lubricant to prevent overheating and maintain sharpness of the bur during use.

The set includes one of each:

  • Busch Short Carbide Twist Drill, 4205S, 0.70mm 
  • Busch Short Carbide Twist Drill, 4205S, 0.80mm
  • Busch Short Carbide Twist Drill, 4205S, 0.90mm 
  • Busch Short Carbide Twist Drill, 4205S, 1.00mm 
  • Busch Carbide Ball Burr, 1AU, 1.00mm 
  • Busch Carbide Ball Burr, 1AU, 1.20mm 
  • Busch Carbide Ball Burr, 1AU, 1.40mm 
  • Busch Carbide Ball Burr, 1AU, 1.60mm 
  • Busch Carbide Ball Burr, 1AU, 1.80mm 
  • Busch Carbide Ball Burr, 1AU, 2.20mm
  • Busch Carbide Circular Saw, 231F, 2.30mm x 0.20mm 
  • Busch Carbide Circular Saw, 231FL, 2.30mm x 0.30mm


Weight 0.100000 kg.
Encore category T1
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Brand Busch
Burr Shape Assorted
Burr Type Steel Burr
Tool Type Burr
Reference 5120
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