This Elma Ultrasonic is multi-frequency with 37 kHz and 80 kHz. This Ultrasonic has 7 special ultrasonic features and intuitive, user-friendly operation display.

The multi-frequency are 37 kHz and 80 kHz. The 37 kHz are for standard applications, all the Elma Ultrasonics are considerably more powerful than the conventional ultrasonics. The 80 kHz setting prolongs the cleaning time and is ideal for very small and sensitive items. A positive side effect is the low noise level at this frequency.

  • Volume - 2.75ltr
  • Heating Capacity - 250 W
  • Ultrasonic Measurements - 300 x 179 x 221 mm
  • Bath Measurements - 240 x 137 x 100 mm

The Elma P30H Ultrasonic features are -

  • Pulse-function - activatable additional power through increased peak performance.
  • Normal - for mixing, dissolving and dispersing.
  • Sweep - this is for a uniform distribution of the ultrasonics power throughout the tank.
  • Degas - to produce maximum cleaning effectiveness.
  • Power control - optimised power regulations for special cleaning and laboratory applications.
  • Pause - to interrupt the operation.
  • Auto-Start - this starts the ultrasonic when a set temperature is reached.

This Elma Ultrasonic has a 2-year warranty

Weight 2.000000 kg.
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Brand Elma
Tool Type Ultrasonic
Tool Unit Cleaning Unit
Reference 101 3737
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