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ElmaSteam 4.5 bar steam pressure jet cleaning with Handpiece


ElmaSteam 4.5 bar steam pressure jet cleaning with Handpiece ELMASTEAM 4.5 BASIC WITH HANDPIECE

ELMASTEAM 4.5 BASIC WITH HANDPIECE New generation of Steam Jet Technology: Steam Jet Cleaners built in Germany by Elma with a full 3 year warranty. Elmasteam 4.5 basic is the ideal steam cleaning machine for jewellery workshops for the cleaning of worn and mounted jewellery as well as watch straps, chains and rings with set stones. This model is fitted with a flexible hand piece (right hand model); the item to be cleaned can be held with the steam tweezers to clean the item quickly and effectively. The hand piece is ergonomic and easy to operate at a press of a button. With 4.5 bar steam pressure even sensitive parts are safely and effectively cleaned. The steam contains more water due to the pressure and melts and removes easily hardened fats, oils or waxes from the part. The indirect heater is outside the pressure tank, preventing lime scale build-up on the heating element - a common problem with steam cleaners. This model operates at 4.5 Bar of steam pressure, with a maximum capacity of 3.3 litres. Steam temperature from the nozzle is 135C. The use of de-mineralised water is recommended with all steam cleaners to significantly reduce the maintenance. Compact Design Dimensions: 290(W) x 320(D) x 420(H) mm Weight empty: 6.75kg

Weight 0.5000 gm.
Brand Elma
Tool Unit Cleaning Unit
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