The next generation of sharpening system from GRS Tools. This GraverHone™ VS Apex Sharpening System contains the high-torque, variable speed GraverHone VS and the 4-in-1 Apex Sharpening System. This combination of products is the ultimate in sharpening efficiency. The speed range of the GraverHone together with the user friendliness of the Apex system makes the perfect set up.

GRS part number #003-800-EU

Apex Sharpening System

The Apex Sharpening System is an innovative 4-in-1 update to the classic Dual Angle fixture. This Sharpener is updated for longer gravers, the shorter fixture nose and the longer fixture post allows these longer gravers to be sharpened easily. The quarter-turn locking system works exclusively with GRS QC tools holders to promote ultimate efficiency for locking and unlocking tools, the locking knobs have been updated with a quality knurled steel. The post dial has been simplified to promote finding the correct angle quickly, the fixture now features the ability to switch Apex dials in seconds without tools or screws to turn, simple press the dial of your choice onto the fixture and go.

Each speed dial is clearly marked for simple step-by-step sharpening. The numbers and text on the dial provide a built in guide on which part of the graver to is being sharpened and the appropriate setting to do so. For a beginner this will teach the movements and terminology required to make customer gravers. For an advanced Engraver, this system will create efficient and repeatable graver sharpening. With a simple switch to the Dual Angle dial a wider range of profiles can be created to make any gemoetry desired.

GraverHone™ VS

Quickly and easily grind, sharpen and polish High Speed Steel and Carbide gravers with the GraverHone VS. This variable speed hone features high torque with a unique motor that guarantees the highest quality and durability. Each spindle and drive plate are individually qualified as parallel to the top surface of the GraverHone. This step in the manifacturing process ensures that the each unit is in proper alignement for repeatable and even grinds every time.

Features of this system

  • Colour-coded dials with a storage rack.
  • Speedling dials for easy step-by-step sharpening
  • Dual Angle dial for unlimited graver geometries
  • New longer post with increased magnetism
  • Steel locking screws
  • Updated compact profile
  • Works exclusively with GRS QC tool holders
  • 1/4 turn graver lock
  • Simplified post dial

This Package includes -

  • GraverHone VS,
  • Apex Fixture,
  • Apex post,
  • Dual Angle Dial,
  • Speedline dials (90°, 105° & 120°),
  • 260, 600 and 1200 grit diamond wheel,
  • Diamond wheel rack


Weight 14.000000 kg.
Image info Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product
Brand GRS®
Tool Type Tool Sharpening
Reference 003-800-EU
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