This GRS Jura complete set expands on the Jura Basic set, this set includes an amazing assortment of work holding solutions for any setter. This set has specialised clamps that are uniquely shaped products, including pendants, rings, earrings, drill making, burr and grain tool sharpening. This set is designed to fit with the GRS Standard Block.

GRS part number #500-513

This set includes the unique Jura grooved jaws that can be customized using GRS Thermo-Loc for production setting. The straight top jaws in 20.00mm and 40.00mm provide access for multi-sided setting. The brass points can also be customized to hold a variety of sphere-shaped items, the Thermo-Loc™ and the Shellac cylinders provide support for fragile ring work.

This set includes -

  • Jura Master Jaws,
  • 5.00mm Hex Key,
  • Organizers,
  • QC Horizontal Inside Ring Holder,
  • QC Vertical Inside Ring Holder,
  • 10 Plastic Collets,
  • Flat Clamps with grooves,
  • Outside Ring Holder,
  • 6.00mm Cylinder Top with grooves,
  • 10.00mm Cylinder Top,
  • 20.00mm Round Top,
  • 20.00mm Straight Top,
  • 40.00mm Straight Top,
  • Engravers Clamp with 2.35mm holes,
  • Thermo-Loc™ Engravers Clamp,
  • Shellac Plate,
  • Thermo-Loc­™ Cylinder,
  • Shellac Cylinder,
  • Tapered Point Holder,
  • Tapered Ball Holders.
Weight 2.350000 kg.
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Brand GRS®
Tool Type GRS Jura
Reference 500-513
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