Hard Drawn Round Wire


Hard drawn round wire is cut to your requirements. This wire is not annealed.

Betts Metal Sales holds a large quantity of precious metal stock in wire form, ready for your jewellery repairs and projects. We stock 9ct yellow gold, 9ct red gold, 9ct white gold, 14ct yellow gold, 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, platinum, palladium and standard silver wires in many profiles. Round, Square, D shape, Court shape, Rectangular. We cut all of these to your requirements and ensure we saw the ends, so you are not left with waste and can utilise the exact length you have ordered. Betts Metal sales manufactured gold wires can be produced from Fairtrade and Fairmined gold as well as Single Mine Origin gold. Please ask if you wish specifically to be able to use these mediums. The range shown on this website is not exclusive, if you want a different size, carat or colour, please contact our team and our precious metal production experts will do their best to accommodate you.


Available Wires:

Round Wire

Hard Drawn Round Wire

Square Shape Wire

D Shape Wire

Court Shape Wire

Rectangular Wire

Bearer Wire

Laser Wire

Wire Shape Hard Drawn Round Wire
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