Potassium Hydroxide Pellets

Potassium Hydroxide Pellets Potassium Hydroxide Pellets 625gm

Potassium Hydroxide Pellets 625gm pellets, used in electroplating and also in our Microweld machienes for the production of gas. This size is used for both the Model Super 'A'  and Model 'B'. Model 'B' has two cells and so would require two units of this product. 

Add slowly and in small amounts all of the 625gm to 2l of distilled water. Stir well. You should feel the container getting warm, this is normal. Keep stirring until all the pellets have been dissolced. Use a polypropylene container and wooden or plastic spatula - DO NOT USE METAL This item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials & Liquids Only

Weight0.625000 kg
Hazard infoThis item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials and Liquids Only. Please note we are unable to deliver liquid and hazard goods abroad. Please contact your relevant country supplier.
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Sizing Charts


Bust79.5cm / 31"82cm / 32"84.5cm / 33"89.5cm / 35"94.5cm / 37"99.5cm / 39"
Waist61.5cm / 24"64cm / 25"66.5cm / 26"71.5cm / 28"76.5cm / 30"81.5cm / 32"
Hip86.5cm / 34"89cm / 35"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"101.5cm / 40"106.5cm / 42"


Neck37cm / 14.5"38cm /15"39.5cm / 15.5"41cm / 16"42cm / 16.5"43cm / 17"
Chest86.5cm / 34"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"101.5cm / 40"106.5cm / 42"111.5cm / 44"
Waist71.5cm / 28"76.5cm / 30"81.5cm / 32"86.5cm / 34"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"
Seat90cm / 35.4"95cm / 37.4"100cm / 39.4"105cm / 41.3"110cm / 43.3"115cm / 45.3"