The GRS Acrobat® stand has been trusted by hand engravers and jewellers for years and has been redesigned with a sleek form specifically for the high-powered Leica® A60 microscope.

The new Acrobat® Versa features a rigid frame that makes positioning easy, a magnetic document holder, and ergonomic handles for the best optical experience possible. The Complete Package includes the Acrobat® Package includes the Acrobat® Versa stand, Leica A60® microscope, Optia® LED light and control (220V model), post, mouting base and primary document holder.

GRS part number #003-657-220 

The Leica® A60 high-resolution microscope with FusionOptics™ provides a greater depth of field for the best optics, this used for stone setting, hand engraving and jewellery work. The Leica® A60 is a stereomicroscope system can really boost productivity, low operating and maintence costs make the Leica A60 a great investment. Convential stereomicroscopes have two identical beam paths that reveal a spatial impression of the object. In contrast Leica Microsystems' innovative FusionOptics™ technology takes advantage of a neurological phenomenon. The microscope's leaft beam path has greater depth of field, while the right beam path shows an image with super-high resolution. The brain combines the best information from both channels to form an image with a depth of field never achieved before in a steremicroscope. FushionOptica™ has a greater depth of field up to 13.6mm and have a magnifying range of 5x to 30x, this is suitable for detailed observation and larger surface overview. The Leica® is optimised for long periods of continuous use.


Optical data:

  • Optical system: Greenough, with Leica FustionOptics™
  • Convergence angle: 10°
  • Zoom factor: 6:1
  • Zoom range: 5× – 30×
  • Working distance: 122 mm (without illumination)
  • Viewing angle: 38°
  • Max. depth of field: 13.6 mm
  • Eyepieces: 10×/23 B, adjustable, suitable for glasses wearers
  • Interpupillary distance: 52 – 76 mm
  • LED ring illuminator service life: 50,000 hours
  • LED ring illuminator colour temperature: 5,600 K

The GRS Acrobat® Versa Stand is ergonomically designed to increase performance and work quality, the rigid frame to make positioning easier, a magnetic document holder and ergonomic handles for the best opticals possible. Ergonomic handles make height adjustments simple which help towards  to create a efficient working experience. The magnetic document holder is used as a handy reference tool for hands-free visual when following designs, offering a streamlined working experience. This stand as been specifically designed for the high-powered Leica A60 Microscope, the stand has a 45 degree tilt which ensures accurate microscope positioning and an adjustable, lined head rest enabling you to move with the microscope in total comfort.


This complete set includes:

  • Acrobat® Versa stand
  • Leica® A60 microscope
  • A60 0.63x objective lens
  • Objective lens adapter
  • Optia LED light and control
  • Mounting base
  • Post
  • Headrest
  • Primary document holder
  • Dust cover 
Weight 18.000000 kg.
Brand GRS®
Tool Type Microscope
Tool Accessories Microscope Accessories
Hazard info This item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials and Liquids Only
Image info Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product
Reference 003-657-220
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