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This GRS Thermo-Loc form block is used to create customer workholding fixtures, the cavities are used to create custom work holding fixtures allow work to be engraved without chatter.

GRS part number #003-699 

This GRS Form Block is used with GRS Thermo-Loc which becomes flexible when heat is applied, this can be done using boiling water or using a microwave, this makes Thermo-Loc a pliable clay-like consistency that can be formed around irrgularly shaped or fragile items. When Thermo-Loc cools at room temperature it hardens and holds work securely. The medium grey colour is designed to reduce eye strain under work lights. Thermo-loc is non-toxic and biodegradable.

The GRS Thermo-Loc Form Block is used to create custom workholding fixtures that allow flexibukity. The smaller cavities are used with out the divider to create fixed holdrs for items such as fobs and pendants. The divider is great for making a hinged holder, the larger cavities allows items such as braclets to be held securely and engraved without chatter. These customer workholding fixtures will work with most engraving blocks and vices.

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